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The Be Operating System (BeOS), and the exciting new ZETA version now available, represent the fastest and most stable computing environment ever devised. If you already own BeOS or ZETA, you know that to be the case. If not, we can tell you confidently that you have no idea how fast your computer really is until you try BeOS/ZETA!

BeOS/ZETA is intuitive and easy to learn, but most people who use it never realize its full potential because they don't care to take the time to pour through piles of reading material.

Enter, the FastTracker Series!

The FastTracker Learning Series puts you on the fast track to learning BeOS and ZETA. On our video CDs, instructor Dane Scott takes you through the basics, and beyond, and preparing you for a rich and satisfying experience using this operating system and its many fascinating capabilities. Everything is presented in a relaxed, user-friendly way, making you feel immediately at-home and comfortable with the subject matter.

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